Kundalini yoga has gotten in my way many times. I went to the sadhanas as a musician, or visited yoga camps and few yoga classes, or helped the kundalini yoga book with photos. However, I had not been able to fall into this “trap” and successfully avoided a deeper path until Jivan Mukta’s course of meditative healing caught me. From there, I started doing two “prescribed” 120-day meditations, and since then I have been practicing kundalini yoga on a daily basis.

I had been practicing yoga (so-called gymnastics) for a long time, and this “gymnastics” also provided balance and peace of mind. At the same time, I have had a good intuition with me all my life – starting at a young age when I picked up a book and read a sentence to understand with what feeling a book is written and whether it is worth reading or knowing that the answers come in a dream and do not bother or use to find the right lane in traffic. However, since I have a background in math-physics from school and the profession is an analyst, I always found a logical explanation for myself why I think so. It took me a while to agree with this “logic” that if something inside me says something, that’s right – I don’t have to explain everything. As I’ve always said, I’m perfectly normal – the voices in my head confirm that.

Kundalini yoga is very much about intuition and awakening the voice of the soul. It may seem scary at first if you have covered yourself with a mask all your life and suddenly you see yourself real, but if you go through it, living by intuition will help you do many things in everyday life better, but you will also be able to do it faster.