This year we have created a special Festival program for you. We gather to relax, heal and strengthen our lives… You and your loved ones matter to us and together we will enjoy, celebrate and bring peace to Earth.
Join us!

The Workshops are for everybody, regardless the age, background or the previous experience with Yoga and meditation.

The subjects are very practical and intended to help all participants to find their way accross these turbulent times.

Check this section soon again – we are adding information constantly.

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Shakti Dance®
Jaipreet Kaur

Shakti Dance® is a form of conscious and devotional dance in which different dance styles, movements, rhythms etc. are combined with breath, focus, repetition and energy work. This creates a powerful yogic tool for balancing, creating harmony and experiencing the Infinity within the finite human body. It has various phases from gentle stretches and dynamic standing exercises to free dance, relaxation and meditation.

Shakti Dance® was created by Sara Avtar, a Kundalini Yogi and life-long dancer.

In this workshop we bring Light to our bodies and minds and let the inner Light guide the breath, movement and spirit to create a most healing dance.

Tantric Gong
Sat Ram Tina Maria Stahl

In this 2-hour workshop we will explore the male and female polarities within ourselves and our relationship with the infinite. 

We will be working with a kriya for the “power of neutral”, alone and in couples 2 & 2 applying profound eye gazing while the gongs are being played. 

The vibrations of the mighty gongs will facilitate our journey, as we practice deep listening. Being fully present in the here and now, we will transmute duality and tap into our soul self in neutral, awakening God within.

Narayan Shabad
Terri Prabhudeep

REFRESH YOUR SOUL, mantra workshop with Narayan Shabad.
“Narayan” is related to water quality. Just as a plant needs water to bloom, chanting Narayan invigorates your original nature so that your soul can bloom in full beauty.
Narayan is a vibration that helps to restore life and make it fresh, lush and green again.

You can sing Narayan Shabad to refresh your heart in the storm. Once the soul has gone through a period of drought, this soothing combination of words can bring an refreshing “rain.”

It is also written in the scriptures that Narayan Shabad can protect against death.


The workshop will be carried out by Terri Prabhudeep, the hostess of Hatu Manor, a Kundalini yoga teacher, a teacher trainer and a mantra musician.
Everyone who feels invited to sing together and thus experience a higher frequency is welcome in the workshop.
The prerequisite is not keeping the tune, knowing the mantra, or previous experience of Kundalini yoga.

In the workshop, we explore Narayan Shabad’s field of meaning and pronunciation, practice dynamic meditations and end the day with experiential mantra meditation.
Mantras and Shabad’s are part of the rich tradition of Kundalini yoga.
A mantra is a vibration – a repetition of sound and rhythm that directs and controls the mind. The spell of the mantra affects you through the meridian points of the palate, with its meaning, with its rhythm, with its energy pattern and with Naad – a subtle universal sound that is present in everything.
Properly spelled, the mantra activates certain areas of the nervous system and brain and thus allows you to change your state.

The meaning field of mantras is multi-layered.
Mantras are living energies, and how they work or what experiences you create depends on both your current energy and your magical alchemy. As you sing, your energy mantra blends with the energy and acquires a vibrant, dynamic quality. That can be different for each singer and also different every day.
You will often find a mantra or performer whose vibration corresponds to yours, and this will create a divine experience.

Relax & Renew
Tejpal Kaur

This relaxing workshop starts with soft Kundalini Yoga exercises to relax our bodies and our nervous system to base this upliftig experience. This is followed by meditations in the relaxation position on your back – or sitting – you choose.
During the meditations with light crystal energies we relax totally and open up to just receive new light energies, new inspirations, new visions, new clarity and a higher state of consciousness. High light-frequency information is stimulating the Kundalini energy flow within your chakras and your ten bodies to expand your state of consciousness.

Breathing as your primary tool for achieving and maintaining balance
Piret Sada Ram

Breathing is a powerful and unique tool that has been given to us when we were born. Through breathing, our soul is connected to prana. Prana is the food of our souls. Yogi Bhajan has said, “Your soul needs food. It is hungry. It needs you to feed it and it’s diet is prana that comes through the air and enriches you from within. ”
In the workshop, we talk about breathing and the fact that our body needs help so many times to get rid of the unhealthy breathing pattern we have learned and to learn a new, healthy breathing rhythm with which we can feed our breath. There are many simple but very powerful techniques in Kundalini Yoga to draw even more joy, satisfaction and balance through breathing.

The gift of the Mother Water
Taranbir Kaur

In yoga, you connect with your Infinite Self to be here and now, to be pure. With the help of the fairy tale “Water Mother Good Deed”, you open up an endless source right inside you to be connected again.

A challenge for yourself and your brain hemispheres
Jaipreet Kaur (Anu Sööt)

A challenge for yourself and your brain hemispheres. Your personal balance, presence and power depend on how well you are in yourself. Your presence in yourself depends on the synchronism and balance of your cerebral hemispheres. We meet to balance our polarities – left-right, mother-father, man-woman, yes-no, I take-give poles. When you are in harmony with yourself, in your authentic nature, in balance and in contact, only then can you build an effective, honest and free relationship with others, accept the integrity of others with complete empathy and intuition.

Why yoga for men and what do women want
Ats Ravprem

Yoga gives a man mental balance, a good nervous system, a good physique, teaches himself to feel and trust his intuition, keeps the body healthy and strong, the mind sharp and clear, and the energy abundant.
Men’s yoga is aimed at men so that the greater part of the exercises are dynamically physical and vigorous rather than static stretching exercises. Meditations are based on what a man needs – potency, potential, stability.
Men are different from women, and it is often easier to start practicing yoga with other men.

Healing Tent
At the Festival Healing tent you can relax and rejuvenate and get some guidence, help and healing.

Meditative Healing
Prabhudeep Singh

Meditative Healing™ is a method within the field of complementary therapies. It is the outcome of the meeting of ancient transformative meditations, the energetic elevation of Bhakti Yoga and the modern expertise of deep psychology. Meditative Healing™ is to generate health, healing and the natural body-mind state of balance. It harmonizes the dynamic relationship between subtle dimensions and the tangible world.

Aura Clearing
Tejpal Kaur

Tejpal is a Diamond Light Priestess. She is using her MY CLEAR CHANNEL and the beautiful light crystal energies for AURA CLEARING, to clear karma, fears, emotions and thought patterns out of the physical and all the other spiritual bodies. She supports many to get in contact with their personal spirit guides. She also offers and sells Malas and light crystals which are pushing and stabilizing the diamond light body process.